Arc Fault Circuit Breakers, Explained


Many homeowners assume that the electrical wiring in their new home is in good condition. However, between 2014 and 2016, more than 300 people died in residential fires ignited by faulty electrical wiring, cable insulation, and poor structural framing. One solution is to have arc fault circuit breakers installed, so read on and learn more [...]

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Circuit Breaker Constantly Tripping? Learn What it Means!


A circuit breaker is an automatic electrical switch that protects a circuit from damage when a large current surges through. More simply explained: whenever an electrical circuit has too much current flowing through it, the circuit breaker cuts power before damage occurs. It is an incredibly important mechanism and a necessary safety feature for your [...]

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Circuit Breaker: What Is It Exactly?


Electricity in the home has come a long way over the years. Massive power grids deliver affordable electricity to thousands of homes every day. Wires in a home run from the attic to the basement, in the yard, and in most of the outbuildings, too. As a result, they all share a common home distribution [...]

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Circuit Breaker 101: What Happens After You’ve Tripped It?


It's happened to us all: someone is using a hair dryer, another is cozied up by a space heater, and there are countless lights and other electronics running, when... boom! Everything goes out, because you've tripped the circuit breaker. So, what's the first step toward getting the electricity back up and running? Finding the Cause [...]

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Defective Electronics Carry Great Risk


If you have a device that is showing signs of problems, then you may think that the potential damage will be limited to the one, malfunctioning item. However, defective electronics have the potential to then damage other devices and possibly cause serious hazards, so keep this in mind before you wait too long to fix [...]

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Circuit Breaker Potential Issues and Fixes


I got to know my home’s circuit breaker intimately this winter. I’d fire up my video playlist on my TV, crank up the volume on the surround speakers, and then hop on my treadmill, ready to bust out a run. Bam! Blew everything out. Over and over, until I moved the powerful treadmill plug from [...]

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