Benefits of Motion Lighting

Motion lighting, like other exterior lights, can enhance the appearance of your exterior and highlight special features of your landscape. It's especially valuable when it comes to home security. So, what exactly is motion lighting, and why should you have it installed outside your home? What Is Motion Lighting? Motion lights are triggered by movement. [...]

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Finding a Quality Electrician

We rely on electricity for nearly everything in our modern lives. Thus, whenever something stops working, we need an immediate fix. While you may be tempted to hire discounted electricians for a quick fix, there are potential risks involved that you should know about before making the call. Instead, do your due diligence and find [...]

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Some Appliances Should Have a Dedicated Circuit

Have you ever tripped a circuit? Most people don't think much about their fuse boxes until they trip the breaker and find themselves in the dark. While it may seem like an annoyance, overloading a circuit can actually be a huge risk. Prevent issues from arising by simply learning more about what it means to [...]

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Broken Doorbell? Find Out Why

Ding dong! Or complete silence, when your doorbell stops working. It can be an inconvenience to have a doorbell that doesn't work. A broken doorbell could make you miss an important delivery or visiting friend. So, what causes this to happen? Signs and Causes of a Broken Doorbell If the ringer or chime doesn't work, [...]

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Is it Safe to Shower During a Thunderstorm?

Did you know it's not safe to shower during a thunderstorm? While the safest shelter during a thunderstorm is to be inside, showering is actually a risky activity. Potential Risk of Taking a Shower During a Thunderstorm It may seem improbable, but Dr. Mary Ann Cooper of the University of Illinois Chicago's Lightning Injury Research [...]

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Surge Arrestor Versus Lightning Arrestor

Lightning protection for buildings predates even electric power. Surge protection became popular in homes as electronic equipment, such as expensive computers and fax machines, became popular. Most of the time a surge arrestor would protect the equipment; however, occasionally, the home also needed lightning arrestors. Do you know what the difference is between the two? [...]

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How Much Power Does “Standby Mode” Use?

Phone chargers and "smart" devices such as washing machines and electronic equipment ready for remote control commands are a few of the many devices which consume a steady flow of electricity around the clock. This "standby mode" power drain can add up, though not everyone is aware of this! Why Your Electric Meter Never Sleeps [...]

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When to Upgrade an Electrical Service Panel

Unless you have suffered recent or repeated power outages due to blown fuses or tripped circuits, you probably don't ever think about your electrical service panel. You may not even be aware of where it is located in your home. But, as with many residential electrical issues, what you don't know could hurt you and [...]

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Portable Heaters: Keep Warm and Stay Safe

When the cold of winter seems to be penetrating your home, you may turn to portable heaters as a way to warm up an area. They can be a good thing, especially if you just need to heat a small area. Yet, they come with numerous risks of which every homeowner should be aware. What [...]

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Electrical Outlets: Do You Have Enough?

When older homes were built, no one thought too much about how many electrical outlets were available for use. Fast-forward to today and you will find that, while our electrical usage has grown exponentially, our homes often remain rooted in standards of the past. Many homes simply aren't equipped to handle the needs of our [...]

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