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A Landlord’s Electrical Responsibilities


Owning rental properties is a great way to supplement income and build your investment portfolio. However, you do have certain obligations to your renters that cannot be ignored. Otherwise, you may end up in legal trouble. The electrical system in your rental properties is one area that needs to be properly addressed. A Property Owner's [...]

A Landlord’s Electrical Responsibilities2019-06-08T15:38:18+00:00

Modern Lighting Options for Everyone to Consider


Want your home to look fresh and modern?  If you've just been focusing on updating your paint colors or furniture, then why not take an additional measure and refresh the lighting in your home? With the help of your local electrician, modern lighting options can quickly transform the look of your rooms. Are Your Current [...]

Modern Lighting Options for Everyone to Consider2019-06-08T15:35:56+00:00

A Multimeter Helps You “See” Behind the Walls


A multimeter is an essential part of any electrician's toolbox. It is tool that measures electric current, voltage, and resistance. Allowing electricians to "see" behind walls, a multimeter is incredibly important for any electrical work taking place in your home. Play it Safe and Always Use a Multimeter Whether you are installing a ceiling fan [...]

A Multimeter Helps You “See” Behind the Walls2019-06-04T17:05:19+00:00

Want to Rewire Your House? Consider This First…


If you live in a house that has not been rewired in the last 25 to 30 years, chances are your property is in need of an electrical upgrade. Older wiring can be dangerous and is most likely not able to handle the demands of modern living. Before you consider hiring an electrician to rewire [...]

Want to Rewire Your House? Consider This First…2019-06-04T17:03:46+00:00

Storm-Proof Your Home


Summer storms are becoming more frequent and can bring mild to severe destruction to your residence. Lightning strikes can cause fires and power surges. High winds can bring down power lines, cause roof damage, and batter siding. Heavy rains inevitably cause flooding. Here's how you can storm-proof your home and keep your family safe. Be [...]

Storm-Proof Your Home2019-06-08T15:32:08+00:00

Custom Lighting Can Brighten Your Home


Standard light fixtures can be purely functional, neutral, and dare we say "boring." Sometimes you want something more from your home's lighting options. Consider customizing your lighting which can brighten your home and add character  to your living spaces. With so many different styles available, custom lighting lets you capture the perfect look for each [...]

Custom Lighting Can Brighten Your Home2019-06-04T17:01:33+00:00

What are the Most Common Home Electrical Problems?


Home electrical problems often rear their ugly heads at the most inopportune times. When this occurs, the first step is to identify what the exact problem is. Read on to learn about some common home electrical problems that might be causing the issue. Common Home Electrical Problems Overloaded Circuits When too many appliances demand power [...]

What are the Most Common Home Electrical Problems?2019-06-04T16:59:51+00:00

Avoid Electrical Hazards at Home


Modern day society relies heavily on electricity, which is why its important to safeguard against electrical hazards in the home. Learn more about what potential hazards may be lurking in your house and how to safeguard against electrocution or electrical fires. Electrical Hazards in Your Home Protect yourself from potential harm with the following tips: [...]

Avoid Electrical Hazards at Home2019-05-24T11:48:56+00:00

Light Bulbs and Their Many Varieties


Light bulbs come in different varieties and sizes, although finding the right one for your fixtures or appliances may not be as easy as it sounds. Pick the right one by familiarizing yourself with some of the various types of bulbs available today. A Variety of Light Bulbs Incandescent bulbs. Incandescence emits light by heating [...]

Light Bulbs and Their Many Varieties2019-05-24T11:39:06+00:00

An Electrical Transformer Fails. What’s Next?


An electrical transformer is a critical component in bringing electricity safely into our homes. When they fail or are damaged during a severe storm, an explosion occurs and power is cut. Electrical transformers can be very dangerous if they are not maintained or repaired properly, which is why it is important to know what to [...]

An Electrical Transformer Fails. What’s Next?2019-05-24T11:37:49+00:00