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Surge Protection for Your Home


Most households experience power surges at one point or another. Power surges happen when there are brief spikes in your home's electrical current. Likely causes of a power surge are lightning, large home appliances cycling, cut power lines, faulty wiring, and construction work. As a result, power surges can cause significant damage to your valuable electrical [...]

Surge Protection for Your Home2018-07-23T16:50:04+00:00

Outlet Testing by Your Local Electrician


You may be tempted to perform your own outlet testing if household circuits are not functioning properly. There are DIY ways in which you can test an outlet: however, it is much wiser to call an electrician if you notice certain signs that may indicate a dangerous situation. Signs You Should Look For Certainly, a [...]

Outlet Testing by Your Local Electrician2018-07-20T11:36:35+00:00

Three-Prong Outlets: Should I Upgrade?


As technology progresses, items that were suitable in the past can now become obsolete, and even potentially-dangerous if they're really outdated. If you have an older home with two-prong outlets, then your safest option is to have those outlets rewired to grounded three-prong outlets. Two-Prong Outlets Versus Three-Prong Outlets A three-prong outlet has a ground wire while [...]

Three-Prong Outlets: Should I Upgrade?2018-08-06T19:37:31+00:00

Home Electrical Inspection Keeps Your Lights On


Imagine your lights going out on a weeknight, in the middle of your Friday night party, or on a weekend. It may take hours or days for electrical assistance to get your lights working again. Above all, faulty wiring can spark fires and cause unwanted emergencies. Tim Kyle Electrical Services, providing residential electrical service in Thurmont [...]

Home Electrical Inspection Keeps Your Lights On2018-07-20T11:33:49+00:00

Outlet Upgrades May Be Necessary


Home safety is essential to every homeowner. Outdated electrical outlets and degraded loose wires within a home pose as a safety hazards: as a result, outlet upgrades may be necessary. Upgrading from two-prong outlets to three-prong outlets limits the possibility of an electrical fault occurring (electrical faults escalate to fire emergencies if upgrades are not [...]

Outlet Upgrades May Be Necessary2018-07-20T11:32:16+00:00

Ceiling Fan Adjustments Keep You Cool Under Pressure


Everyone knows the benefits of a ceiling fan, particularly in the summer months when it's toasty inside and A/C is expensive. However, many homes' fans are older, meaning that they may not function as they should, or at least not to their optimal state. Is there anything you can do about this to give them [...]

Ceiling Fan Adjustments Keep You Cool Under Pressure2018-07-30T19:55:49+00:00

Breaker Panel 101: What You Need to Know


Being better-informed means that you will be more able to recognize any issues as they arise, and potentially describe them to an electrician who can address them. For example, if you suspect a problem with your breaker panel, then it will be easier to notice if you have a better understanding of how it should [...]

Breaker Panel 101: What You Need to Know2018-07-25T19:26:43+00:00

Residential Electrical Service in Baltimore County: Who to Choose?


We realize that you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a residential electrical service in Baltimore County, the city, and beyond. That's why we've compiled some of our past reviews to help you decide between Tim Kyle Electric and other local contractors. A Residential Electrical Service in Baltimore County You Can [...]

Residential Electrical Service in Baltimore County: Who to Choose?2018-07-24T19:24:29+00:00

LED Lights May Not Be for Everyone


Here at Tim Kyle, we are all about saving you money and cutting back on energy waste. This is why we're big advocates of using LED lights, since they are the leader in efficiency. Unfortunately, some people have a particular sensitivity to these bulbs, and so they may not be an option for every homeowner. [...]

LED Lights May Not Be for Everyone2018-07-23T17:32:28+00:00

Residential Electrical Service in Ellicot City Provides Up-Front Pricing


When you invite a contractor of any kind into your home, you deserve to be treated with honesty, integrity, and respect. Even if they're hired, these workers are guests in your home, and they should act as such! For a residential electrical service in Ellicot City that will do all this and more, call on [...]

Residential Electrical Service in Ellicot City Provides Up-Front Pricing2018-07-19T16:33:09+00:00