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Light Ballast: What You Should Know


Have you ever heard of a light ballast? A light ballast regulates the flow of current into a fluorescent light bulb. It is important because it provides sufficient voltage to start the fluorescent lamps. Without a ballast to limit current, a fluorescent lamp connected directly to a high voltage power source would rapidly increase its current draw, [...]

Light Ballast: What You Should Know2018-11-29T18:31:27+00:00

Ceiling Fan Install Can Save You Money


Do you know that more than half of the energy spent in your home is dedicated to heating and cooling? Do you also know that a simple fix can keep your home comfortable throughout the year? Install a ceiling fan: these devices are affordable and also add a unique touch of beauty to your interior [...]

Ceiling Fan Install Can Save You Money2018-11-26T17:02:13+00:00

Tim Kyle Electrical Service is Partnering with St. Jude Hospital


Tim Kyle is partnering with St. Jude Children’s Hospital this month. We will donate a percentage of all service this month to this incredible cause. […]

Tim Kyle Electrical Service is Partnering with St. Jude Hospital2018-12-06T17:09:34+00:00

Replace Old Outlets to Keep Your Home Safe


One of the things any qualified residential electrical service in Emmitsburg will tell you about preventing house fires is to make sure that your wiring is up-to-date, which has a huge impact on safety. This especially applies to replacing outdated or nonfunctional electrical outlets. In fact, when you replace your old outlets, your fire risk [...]

Replace Old Outlets to Keep Your Home Safe2018-11-29T18:29:58+00:00

Emergency Generator: Is it a Necessity?


If you are planning to purchase an emergency generator for your home, then now is the perfect time! Having an emergency generator is a great way to prepare for winter weather in case a big snow storm knocks out the power. In the event of an outage, keep your family and home safe this season [...]

Emergency Generator: Is it a Necessity?2018-12-07T14:56:19+00:00

Electrical Inspection Should be Scheduled for Safety


A building's electrical system can potentially be out of date, damaged due to exposure to the elements, or wired improperly. For business owners, regular electrical inspection is essential in order to maintain a safe environment. Beyond checking outlets and lighting fixtures, an expert electrical inspection will ensure that all of your systems have been properly [...]

Electrical Inspection Should be Scheduled for Safety2018-11-26T16:59:57+00:00

Lighting Safety for Indoor and Outdoor Decorating


Decorating your house with lights for Christmas adds beauty and fun, but it also potentially brings danger. It is crucial to know how to use decorative lighting in a safe way. Certain lighting safety rules should be followed in order to enjoy the Christmas season without inviting tragedy. Lighting Safety When purchasing holiday decoration lights, [...]

Lighting Safety for Indoor and Outdoor Decorating2018-11-03T12:21:11+00:00

Edison Bulbs for an Antique Look


Thomas Edison designed the Edison bulb in the early 20th century. These bulbs are oblong, made of glass, and contain filaments for a warm, yellow glow: they also offer an antique or vintage look to your lighting fixtures. If you're interested in incorporating this trendy bulb into your home lighting, then read on below to [...]

Edison Bulbs for an Antique Look2018-11-03T12:18:18+00:00

LED Bulbs Versus Fluorescent Bulbs


There has been an ongoing debate over whether LED bulbs are better than their fluorescent counterparts. LEDs have been around for the last 50 years and contain either a single diode or a group of diodes that create light. Introduced in the early 1900s, fluorescent bulbs contain mercury which when excited by an electric current [...]

LED Bulbs Versus Fluorescent Bulbs2018-11-03T12:20:00+00:00

Portable Heaters Safety Tips


Portable heaters are economical, especially when the cost of main heating is high or a system is inefficient at heating the entire house. Portable heaters are efficient in keeping you warm, however, they must be used cautiously. Tim Kyle Electric, an electrician serving Fredrick County, MD, provides the following safety tips for use of portable [...]

Portable Heaters Safety Tips2018-11-20T12:52:32+00:00