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Air Conditioning Costs Might Chill You to the Bone

A few weeks into the official start of summer and the Baltimore heat and humidity has already been oppressive. However, if you’re too liberal with your A/C use, then you’ll pay – literally – when the bill arrives. As a result, you should learn more about how to keep your air conditioning costs low, which is easier than you’d think!

Cooling down Without Using Air Conditioning

There have been predictions of “a couple to several degrees higher than the historic average almost every day through August,” so it’s understandable that you’d want to crank up the A/C and therefore turn down the temperature. However, unless you want to be paying quite a lot for this relief from the heat, consider some alternative methods:

  • Open a window – You have them for a reason! Let the breeze in, particularly early or later in the evening, to avoid welcoming in more hot air and instead allowing some cross-breezes to flow.
  • Fans are your friend – Utilize ceiling, standing, and desk fans, etc., to encourage air flow and to cool down for less power use. For ceiling fans, don’t forget to ensure they’re rotating counterclockwise, or else what they’ll be blowing your way will be warm air.
  • Swap your bulbs – As always, LEDs come with a myriad of benefits. Getting rid of old incandescents and instead opting for LED bulbs make a huge difference, since the former gives off heat while in use.
  • Avoid oven use – Cooking outside is what summer is all about, so use the grill when possible instead of the stovetop or oven to avoid heating up the kitchen big time.
  • Don’t forget the furnace – Replace the filter about once a month, because built-up dust will reduce the ease of air flow and – you guessed it – keep things stuffy and warm.

At Tim Kyle, we are happy to help you to find ways to avoid air conditioning costs by trying other cooling methods. Contact us today for all your electrical problems! You can talk to an expert about new installations of lighting and wiring, among other things, for your home or business.


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