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Specialty Lighting Can Illuminate Your Home

Specialty lighting makes it possible for homeowners to set the perfect atmosphere. Through unique accent or track lighting, you can highlight certain features of your home, add light to otherwise dark areas, or create well-lit areas for your tasks. Don’t settle for the standard: rather, consider the right kind of lighting in the right fixtures for all the rooms in your home.

Consider Specialty Lighting

Track lighting and accent lighting can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Specialty lighting is perfect for accenting objects or providing directional lighting for tasks. Custom lights are especially useful when a room needs additional light in particular areas in which recessed lighting or lamps can not reach. They are available in various sizes, styles, and colors, thus making your options unlimited.

Where Can Custom Lighting be Used?

Consider specialty lighting for your kitchen, bathroom, or even the basement. Bathroom lights can combine purpose and ambiance by providing the perfect light for makeup application or relaxing in the bathtub. And don’t forget the dimmers!

The kitchen is typically the most expensive and most-used room of the home. So, why not show it off? Use kitchen lighting to showcase islands or custom built cabinets, or focus on utility surfaces for daily kitchen tasks. Under-cabinet lighting illuminates otherwise dark areas, while pendants create an attractive atmosphere.

Specialty lighting in the basement can turn an otherwise dark space into an enjoyable playroom, exercise area, or finished recreational room. As most basements do not have much natural light, the right lighting will create a warm, well-lit space that the whole family will enjoy.

Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling for All Your Lighting Needs

Interested in pendant lighting? Recessed? Under cabinet? Track? Chandelier? There are so many different ways to keep the rooms of your home feeling bright and welcoming, so why not tailor your lights to your needs and personal style? At Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, our technicians can help you to incorporate task, accent, and ambient lighting into any room of your home. We proudly serve the greater Baltimore area including Carroll, Frederick, Howard, Harford, and Montgomery Counties. If you are looking for a quality electrician in Baltimore County, Maryland, give us a call today!

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