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Accent Lighting for Outside Appeal

Ever wondered what accent lighting could do to improve your landscaping? Outdoor light accents are becoming commonplace among many households. Before we look at different types of accent lighting, let’s first look at how additional decorative lights can add value to your property.

Accent Lighting Adds Value

There are several ways in which outdoor accent lights can improve your property value and curb appeal.

Highlight the best places. The best features of a home need to be highlighted using extra lights. That goes for areas like the entranceway, the front yard, or outer walls.

Safety and Security. Finding your footing in a dark pathway or driveway jeopardizes safety. However, when lit, sidewalks, and steps become visible. Additionally, you can have usually dark areas lit to eliminate burglar hideouts for bolstered security.

Different Designs for Outdoor Lighting

Accent lighting is a sort of lighting that incorporates sophistication into your outdoor space. It brings meaning and importance to the illuminated outdoor features. Furthermore, the blend of multiple colors, if used, creates a dramatic effect.

Spot Lighting/ Recessed Lighting

Unlike the beams produced by floodlights, spotlights focus light at a 45 ĚŠ angle. They are the ideal type of light for highlighting specific areas in a garden. They can be used on walls. Recessed can lights are also perfect for base lighting to highlight beautiful architectural features.

Landscape Lighting

Accent lighting is best used when showing off some of the best areas of your yard. These areas can include pathways, a highly-manicured garden, or an interesting statue.

Wall Lights

Wall lights work well as design accent lights. An advantage of using such lights is that they come in different sizes to match the sizes of the pictures on the wall. You can also employ their use when focusing on a beautiful aspect of your architecture.

Electrician Assistance

Although accent lighting can be a DIY procedure, a certified electrician can assist. If you are looking for an electrician in Carroll County, MD, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling Services. We provide residential electrical services including landscape, security, and accent lighting.

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