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Home Electrical Hazards Can Be Avoided

If, like most people, you have a number of electrical gadgets in the house, then you may be at risk for some of the most common home electrical hazards. Take a look and see which of these may be the case for your home!

Taking Precautions Against Home Electrical Hazards

“350,000-400,000 home fires are caused by electrical malfunction or mishandling yearly.” You don’t want to be part of a statistic, and more than that, you don’t want to put your family at risk.

One of the largest home electrical hazards is the overuse of extension cords. If too many things are plugged in (such as one extension cord plugged into another, for the length), then it is easy for them to overheat and to cause fires. Additionally, having too many wires stretched out across the room is just asking for someone to trip over it and to fall, so that is another consideration. Really, “the safest thing is to have a new outlet installed where you need it,” particularly if you are often moving the cord around.

If you have electrical devices plugged in near a water source, then you are at risk. It should be common sense to not touch appliances if you are wet, and not to bring electronics near any water source, but it can be easy to forget. Whatever the item, make sure it’s unplugged when not in use, and never leave them unattended. Rather, use them carefully and only as instructed (and, of course, away from any water).

Whether you’ve had children of your own before, you’ve likely been in places where the outlets were covered up as a result of kids’ presence. Pets can also be kept from outlets with the use of such covers. Since both groups are low to the ground and have an inquisitive nature, they’re likely to stick their fingers (or noses) into uncovered outlets. It’s crucial, therefore, that you remove their access to these places with thorough safety measures.

There are a lot of home electrical hazards, but they can all be avoided if you take precautions. Take these measures so that you can keep everyone inside the house safe. If you want more information about staying safe in your home despite potential dangers, then get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric. You can talk to an expert about new installations of lighting and wiring, among other things, for your home or business.


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