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Electrical Safety in and out of the House

If you have kids, then depending on their ages, you may or may not have had a talk with them about electrical safety around devices and power outlets. If not, then you need to sit them down ASAP and get this done, because safety, particularly of your children, is top priority.

Don’t Neglect Electrical Safety Talks

Home should be the safest place for your family, and yet there are a number of hazards within it that you might not even think about. As an adult, it makes perfect sense that you wouldn’t stick your finger into an electrical socket, but your young child might not have yet developed the same kind of common sense. Even if you’ve warned them against it, some kids find it funny to act contrary to their parents orders… which, in this case, puts them in danger.

“According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, 7 kids are treated everyday as a result of electrical shock from a wall outlet in United States alone.” Don’t let anyone in your family become part of a statistic. Instead, explain to them in a simple, but serious, way the dangers of messing around with electricity. Make sure to also mention the added hazards of contact between these devices and water.

While you should begin with a conversation, you should take some steps yourself to prevent injuries. If your child is too young to understand, for example, then you have to cover outlets with child-proof casing. Block off access to plugs and cords so they can’t be yanked out of the outlets and put at risk for frays. If you can, keep things like standing lights out of reach so they can’t be pulled over and their bulbs shattered.

Electrical safety is still relevant outdoors. Kids “should never attempt to climb a tree that is near a power line” and shouldn’t fly any remote-controlled devices near those lines, either. If you see a downed line, then make sure to report it immediately so that it can be repaired or removed.

There is a lot that goes into general electrical safety in and around the house. If you want more information about keeping your family safe from these hazards, then get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric. You can talk to an expert about new installations of lighting and wiring, among other things, for your home or business.


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