Carroll’s Best Electrical Contractor 2016 – Guess Who?


Tim Kyle Electric is Voted as Carroll's Best Electrical Contractor of 2016! For the 16th year, Tim Kyle Electric has been voted as Carroll's Best Electrical Contractor of Carroll County, Maryland. We are honored and proud to have served the Carroll County community since 1986. Are you Looking for THE Best Electrical Contractor? Choose Tim [...]

Peak Pricing, Smart Thermostats, and Energy Savings


Now is the time when your electricity use matters in a big way. Of course, it always matters how much you use (and potentially waste), but summer is when a lot of bills tend to run high as a result of constantly blasting our air conditioners. Avoid being awarded a terrifying bill by employing the [...]

Intelligent Lighting Sparks Conversation


You likely don’t think of light bulbs as being able to “network,” but that’s entirely possible when it comes to light emitting diodes, or LEDs.  Because they “use semiconductors,” these bulbs are able to accomplish much of what others, like the tradition incandescent, can’t.  In this case, it means produce intelligent lighting that acts and [...]