Solar Innovation Takes a Trip


Solar power is obviously big in the news, but some people still haven’t heard about the massively impressive solar-powered flight around the world that was made in July of this year. “Solar Impulse,” said to be “more about energy than innovation,” proved yet again just how invaluable our sun and solar innovation is as a [...]

Electric Buses Keep Rolling On


Cars aren’t the only vehicle being developed for clean energy use. Electric buses are also appearing on the scene as a viable public transportation option with a “zero emissions” goal. They are receiving more attention than ever as the sustainability movement spreads farther and more completely across the globe with big appearances, particularly, around California. [...]

Energy Technology Still Often Ignored


Something that many consumers don’t consider is that no matter how modern and efficient energy technology becomes, none of it will mean anything if the people (customers) themselves don’t adjust their habits.  If utility companies identify ways for their users to save money and energy but those users don’t implement the practices, nothing will change. [...]

Landscape Lighting That Won’t Bug You


Though it may not feel like it, with so many recently-chilly and cloudy days, summer is approaching.  As May moves into June, many people will be dreading the return of warm-weather bugs, particularly mosquitoes.  These summer pests are all-too common, but new developments in landscape lighting can help to keep them at bay and to [...]

Hybrid Bike Pedals Toward Power


Alternate transportation solutions like carpooling, public transportation, and biking are known to cut down on carbon emissions, but one of these three may soon be able to actually generate power rather than just reducing consumption.  A “hybrid bike” is in the works so that those in more rural or less-affluent areas of the world can [...]

Roadway Solar Panels Set to Shine in France


A few years back, there was a popular video and “campaign” for roadway solar panels.  It attracted a lot of attention and generated huge excitement, but didn’t actually go anywhere or produce solid results.  Luckily, a company in France is working to do something similar, but in a serious, concrete, and more effective way. [...]

Charging Electronics Impacts Your Energy Bill


A lot of people these days are concerned about charging electronics and are worried specifically about whether frequently restoring power to the device bumps up the bill.  Are you one of these people, wondering how much of an impact a daily charge will have on your meter readings?  Read more to discover the truth about [...]