Cleaning Your Electronics the Right Way


Safety is important in all areas of working with electricity. This includes your electronic devices, using them safely, and cleaning your electronics safely. You may not have ever thought to do this before, but if you learn more about how many germs lie on your computer keyboard and phone, you might be interested in learning how to [...]

Residential Electrical Service Provider


Whatever commercial or residential electrical service you need to have done on your property, the team at Tim Kyle is more than ready to tackle it. Our experienced, licensed professionals have the skills and the knowledge to take care of any potential or current issues that you can offer us. Read on to discover a [...]

Electrical Dangers Behind the Scenes


There are enough things for you to worry about at home without having to think about the possibility of electrical dangers. A fire resulting from faulty wiring or a host of other origins puts you and your family at risk. To prevent this from being a possible issue, have a certified electrician or electrical company [...]