Electrical Safety All Year Round


As this month of electrical safety continues, awareness about the dangers of misusing electrical devices and appliances grows. Companies across the country are working “to help reduce electrically related fatalities, injuries, and property loss.” Part of this effort is informing people about some of the more commonly-found situations in which electricity might be a danger [...]

Electrical Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility


For those who work within the electrical industry, every month should be Electrical Safety Month. “OSHA estimates there are approximately 187 electrical-related fatalities a year,” and though many take the proper precautions to avoid injury and harm, there are still some electrical safety procedures that are left by the wayside. Caution should always be taken [...]

Cleaning Your Electronics the Right Way


Safety is important in all areas of working with electricity. This includes your electronic devices, using them safely, and cleaning your electronics safely. You may not have ever thought to do this before, but if you learn more about how many germs lie on your computer keyboard and phone, you might be interested in learning how to [...]