Solar Energy Provides Power Overseas


The United States hasn’t fully embraced solar energy or installed the panels nation-wide yet because there are other options, in the minds of citizens. Not all countries have such options. Many overseas location are setting up solar panels now because it is their only option in order to produce the electricity that they so badly need. [...]

Standby Generator: There When You Need It


If you haven’t already invested in a standby generator for your home, it’s never to late to start thinking about them.  They offer the security of knowing that your home will have power no matter what happens, bringing the lights and other devices back online after an outage to keep your family going. […]

What Can Kohler Generators Do for You?


With so much news centered on Hurricane Juaquin, it’s hard to think about anything but the big storm that’s brought an overabundance of rain and clouds to our area.  A number of people have already lost power since the weather began, long before the major impact of Juaquin hit.  You can take steps to prepare, such [...]

The Advantage of Kohler Generators


Summer is a big time for storms and all that come with them: booming thunder, pounding rain, flashing lightning… and power outages.  Though it’s fun to watch a thunderstorm from the inside of a powered home, a lot of residences and businesses lose their power when storms roll in.  Protect against the inevitable with a [...]