Does Your Business Waste Energy?


If you’re a business owner, then you are obviously invested in the finances and costs associated with your business. Even if you’re just an office manager, it’s likely your responsibility to keep things running smoothly. Unfortunately, there may be some big expenses that you don’t know about, and it all comes with the way that [...]

Automatic Lights Can Cut Energy Costs


It can be difficult to remember to turn off the lights every time you leave a room, particularly if you aren’t in the habit of doing so. Though this is fine every once in a while, it’s not a good trend, considering how much simply forgetting to turn off the lights can impact your energy [...]

Energy Efficiency Is Now More Easily HARVESTed


The world needs more young minds with bright ideas to reverse some of the damage we’re seeing on a global scale. Fortunately, there seem to be a lot of young minds these days producing incredible concepts and inventions to combat many of our world’s issues. In this case, a brilliant 13-year-old has found an innovative [...]

Energy Efforts: Solar Wins out over Coal


It was just announced that “solar power capacity tops coal for the first time ever.” This is huge, an enormous step toward a more universal acceptance of clean sources of energy and alternative energy efforts. It means that there is recorded proof that solar energy is becoming more widely utilized and that there is a [...]

Solar Innovation Takes a Trip


Solar power is obviously big in the news, but some people still haven’t heard about the massively impressive solar-powered flight around the world that was made in July of this year. “Solar Impulse,” said to be “more about energy than innovation,” proved yet again just how invaluable our sun and solar innovation is as a [...]