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Appliances Should Be Handled with Care


Most people spend some amount of time in the kitchen each and every day, using appliances for whatever they need. That’s what those electronics are there for, after all. However, it’s always a good idea to brush up on safety, particularly since accidents can happen at any given time, especially if the machines in your [...]

Smart Lights Sense Your Presence


Most self-proclaimed ‘smart lights’ “[rely] on Wi-Fi and a hub.” However, one has just burst onto the scene which has the capability to “communicate with one another over a home’s existing electrical wiring.” This may be a game changer for the development of lighting in modern homes as time goes on, but what are these particular [...]

Electricity in the Modern Era


Now that our country has a new president and is moving, in some ways, in different directions, it’ll be interesting to see how certain facets develop. For example, with a tighter focus “on investment, efficiency, and markets as their policy foundation, the U.S. [could] have a world-class electricity system that will advance our economy into the 21st [...]